Thursday 17 June 2021
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The Big City Blog: Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival — the quirky, hilarious, community experience runs Jan. 10-20 at Stage 773

The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, which debuted in 2002, is now the largest in the world, hosting more than 180 groups and putting on...

The Big City Blog: Zanies kicks off its 40th anniversary with a celebration of comedy

“(Zanies) is tight and traps the energy of the crowd. That little room literally shakes with laughter most nights. It’s magic.”

We Ask, They Answer: Q&A with Tyler Samples, director of Second City’s “Holidazed & Confused”

We sat down with Holidazed & Confused director Tyler Samples to discuss why the holidays — and family — are so easy to make fun of. For...

First Look review: Second City’s “She the People” is a reassuringly funny discussion about sexism and the world of women

This final sketch summed up the tone of She the People perfectly, recognizing the sexism that is rampant but defeating it with the honest...

First Look review: Second City’s “Legendary Laughs” uses imaginative audience participation to create a hilarious night out

Legendary Laughs is an eclectic assortment of Second City improvisation and sketch comedy that assaults the audience with raw laughs and...

First Look review: Second City’s memorable new “Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno” takes accurate aim at the differences in us all

Sporting matching oversized plaid jackets, the brothers spouted off a cornucopia of birth control options they are hawking — some legit...

The Big City Blog: The experience that is Pussy Huxtable’s Lip Sync and Dance Explosion

“It sounds easy, but have you ever tried to not move your body while listening to Donna Summer?” Ms. Huxtable challenged the audience....

Girls night out: Drinks, laughs and online dating talk with the ladies from Second City’s hit “#DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment”

"I’m not going to write (on my profile) that I’m a health nut. What’s your build? 'Well, I’ve done Zumba, and I’m a little...

First Look review: “Vamp” combines BYOB, music and improv for late-night comedic relief

It’s pretty terrifying to trust comedians with your phone, but the cast of Vamp made it hilarious

First Look review: Second City’s clever, quick-moving “Fast, Loud and Funny” boasts wide-ranging talent

This show benefits from a good mix of comedians — some are great at goofy, others play the perfect straight man.