Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Category: Signature Dishes

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The taco trio at Big Star and el filet at Tango Sur

From esteemed chef Paul Kahan, this bourbon- and beer-focused, taco-slinging, honky-tonk joint is a local favorite in the heart of hipster...

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The “Mother of all Burgers” and Mata Hari’s meatloaf at the spy-themed Safehouse

Visiting agents must be sly to locate SafeHouse — and stealthy to gain entrance. Once inside, this unique, family-friendly spot will...

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The tater tot poutine and ancho chile grilled fish tacos at Timothy O’Toole’s

O’Toole’s strays from the typical recipe for this Canadian favorite with a bowl full of tater tots topped with pulled pork and melted...

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: Banana French toast and rigatoni alla carbonara at Andersonville’s Bar Roma

This is a unique Italian take on French toast, with bananas and marscopone (an Italian cream cheese) creating a splendidly sweet middle...

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The gamberoni with broccoli and lasagna di Antonio at Sapori Trattoria in Lincoln Park

When this hearty lasagna is matched with a smooth chianti or merlot, and you’ll think someone whisked you off to the old country.

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The warm crab dip and “Louis A” at Jerry’s Sandwiches in Lincoln Square

The word “creative” doesn’t do Jerry’s justice when it comes to their daring sandwich combinations. But they work, on many levels.

Chicago’s signature dishes: The seafood boil and shrimp banh mi at Lowcountry

As for sauces for our boil, we were drawn to the “everything blend,” consisting of Cajun spice, lemon pepper and garlic. Talk about a...

Chicago’s signature dishes: The incredible burger creation and flank steak at Beef & Barley in Lakeview

No complaints if things get a little messy — after all, it’s built for taste, not construction. “What are you going to do?” asks...

Chicago’s signature dishes: The brioche cinnamon roll and fennel sausage and egg pizza at Osteria La Madia

Served in the skillet it was baked in, this decadent treat is moist on the inside and generously topped with a cream cheese and bourbon...

Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The warm pretzel trio and pastrami French dip at Timothy O’Toole’s

Chicago's Signature Dishes: The warm pretzel trio and pastrami French dip at Timothy O'Toole's