Thursday 15 April 2021
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Chicago’s Signature Dishes: The “Mother of all Burgers” and Mata Hari’s meatloaf at the spy-themed Safehouse

60 E. Ontario in River North

The original Safehouse opened in Milwaukee in 1966, and the spy-themed restaurant and bar recently extended its operations to downtown Chicago. Visiting agents must be sly to locate SafeHouse — and stealthy to gain entrance. Once inside, this unique, family-friendly spot will satisfy your cravings for locally-sourced comfort food and crafty cocktails.

The MOAB (Mother of all Burgers)

Their award-winning burger is a classic to be sure. USDA hand-pattied beef topped with American cheese, bacon and an over-easy egg, topped with their secret sauce and all coming to rest between a brioche bun. Juicy, cooked to perfection and a great blend of flavors throughout. In a city with a fair amount of great burger experiences, this would undeniably make a short list of our favorites.

Mata Hari’s meatloaf

Named after a Dutch exotic dancer who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I and consequently executed in France, this house-made specialty comes slathered in a Portobello mushroom gravy, topped with delightfully crunchy onion straws and served over the top of made-from-scratch mashed potatoes. They suggest not to ask for the recipe because it’s top secret, and as we stared at our empty plate afterward, we understand why.