Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Shop Around the Corner: Find the perfectly stylish hat at Goorin Brothers

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By Corey O’Day

Goorin Brothers
 Hat Shop
3243 N. Broadway, 1533 N. Milwaukee
Goorin Bros 1

Walking into Goorin Brothers Hat Shop in Lakeview is a time warp. Louis Armstrong croons on the radio, beautiful old sewing machines, suitcases, and decanters of whiskey decorate the shelves alongside hats of every shape and color.

From flat-caps to fedoras and cloches, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Goorin Brothers will help you find your perfect fit. If you’re not looking for a hat inspired by the days of old, this shop is still a great option to outfit your noggin. They have a pleGoorin Bros 3thora of knit caps and trooper hats with fuzzy ear flaps to help you survive winter in Chicago. They also have baseball caps and other casual head-toppers.

Goorin Brothers is family owned and has been hatting America since 1895. The company has grown from a horse cart in Pittsburgh to 30 shops across the U.S. and Canada — including another Chicago location in Wicker Park — but they still strive for a personable, neighborhood feel. The Lakeview location has that down to a science. While I was there, a gentleman came in on a birthday scavenger hunt and the shopkeeper, Tanya, poured a whiskey cocktail for him and his friends.

They have monthly events with food, drinks and live music. It’s the kind of place that will toast to your health.