Thursday 15 April 2021
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My Chicago: What is the best wintertime bar or restaurant in the city?

The question: What is the best wintertime bar or restaurant in Chicago?


“Bricks Pizza. It’s a basement restaurant, and it’s a fun place to share some hearty food. Equally good far a date or a group outing.”

— Fred Surville / West Loop


“The West End because it’s near my home and they have great food and drink specials. Plus, if you’re trying to get to a Bulls or Blackhawks game, they have a fun shuttle to the games.”

—  Allison W. / West Loop


“Sheffields. Good atmosphere. Good beer list. There’s a nice little outdoor seating area even in the winter.”

—  Joe Griffin / Lakeview


“Mad River has good food and is a fun place to watch a game. But I also just love the nightlife there. The bartenders are really friendly, too.”

—  Marie LaMonica / Lakeview

“I’m going to go with Goose Island. They have a good beer selection and great seasonal beers. During the cold weather, you don’t have the loud, obnoxious atmosphere you get at some other bars with random college kids. The food is good, too.”

—  Eric Schultz


“Tavernita in River North. They have a fireplace, low lighting and big windows to watch the snow fall. If you want to make it a late night, you can go to the lounge area and dance a little.”

—  Anna Ripley-Moffitt / Gold Coast


“Mercadito. Coming from the south, in Texas, I love my margaritas, and they make a great skinny margarita. The ambiance is so great; it’s chill and you can hear yourself talk. With all their dips and hot sauces, I feel like I’m back in Texas.”

—  Rachel / River North


“Duke of Perth is fantastic, especially on a Wednesday or Friday, when you can settle in for the all-you-can-eat fish and chips with peas. It’s normally so densely packed that it warms you right up. Couple that with delicious Scottish and English food, and you can make a night of it.”

— Sean Witty / Lakeview