Friday 16 April 2021
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My Chicago: What is something you were glad to discover in Chicago last summer?

The question: What is something you were glad to discover in Chicago last summer?

Jamie Dorfman“Portillo’s. I literally just moved here from Florida, so it makes sense I found a favorite early. It’s cheap and delicious Chicago-style hot dogs.”

—   Jamie Dorfman, Lincoln ParkJena Wilson

“The Green City’s farmers’ market. Good people, good organic food. And it’s outside, so you get to enjoy the best of city life.”

—   Jena Wilson, Lincoln Park

Elisabeth Keasler“RPM. Wow, the sea scallops. I’m a Florida girl, and they’re the best I’ve ever had. They’re $25, but worth every penny. I loved the scene and the atmosphere too. If you go hungry though, be ready to order multiple things.”

—   Elisabeth Keasler

Mark Olegario“Just being able to walk everywhere outside and discover new things. Find a new experience or a new restaurant. Especially in my neighborhood, like The Other Side, The Pasta Bowl or Pasta Palazzo.”

—   Mark Olegario, Lincoln Park

Scott Nealon“Café Mustache in Logan Square has the best latte I’ve ever had. I do all the coffee runs for work there.”

—   Scott Nealon, Logan Square

LaMont Mitchell“I found root beer-flavored beer. Lockdown Bar on Western Avenue across from The Empty Bottle. It’s so smooth. If you love root beer, you’ll love this.”

—   LaMont Mitchell

Hanna Maki-Jokela

“I like the Divvy bike-sharing system. You can bike around town so easily. It’s on-the-go biking. They’re the best.”

—   Hanna Maki-Jokela, Old Town

Kate Shanahan“The Oak Street Grill on Oak Street Beach. It’s an amazing tiki bar and restaurant. I went there about every Saturday this summer. You can even rent lounge chairs for $10, and there’s a great view of the playpen and skyline.”

— Kate Shanahan, Old Town