Thursday 15 April 2021
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My Chicago: What restaurant in Chicago do you most want to try for the first time?

The question: What restaurant in Chicago do you most want to try for the first time?


Stephanie Krupka - web

“Goosefoot because it’s BYOB, and I’ve heard a lot of good things. I’m always intrigued by a fine-dining restaurant on Lawrence, especially one with a tasting menu for $80.”

—  Stephanie Krupka / Uptown


“Longman and Eagle. I’ve heard so much about it, and that’s really it. I know I need to plan super far in advance to be able to get a table. I want to spend a few hours just getting lost in the meat exploration.”

—  Mary Krupka / Old Town


“Girl and the Goat for sure. I’ve always been a fan of tapas places, and I love the show Top Chef. I’ve never heard a bad thing about it.”

—  Kim Dunphy / Lincoln Park


“Mine would be Japonais. I love sushi and could eat it every day, and I hear the singles scene at the bar is pretty happening.”

—  Noracay Ryan / Lakeview


“Kuma’s Corner. Every time I try to go, it’s like a four-hour wait. Supposedly, it has the best burgers in Chicago, and I’d like to put that reputation to the test.”

—  Tim Polacek / Lakeview


“Chicago Q because I feel like good barbecue is hard to find in Chicago. I’ve heard great things, and it looks really cute from the outside.”

— Laura Tarnawa / River North



“I used to live just south of Hot Doug’s, and now I live just north of it, and I still haven’t been. I’ve been to Gene & Jude’s and Super Dawg, but not Hot Doug’s yet. And I just love hot dogs, so I’ve got no excuse.”

—  Christine Wolniak / Old Irving Park


“I’d have to say Fork in Lincoln Square. It’s always crowded, and the food looked great when I stopped in for a drink recently.”

— Brian Sesterhenn / Uptown