Monday 19 April 2021
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First Look review: The riveting “Odysseo” by Cavalia is so much more than just a circus with horses

By Jina Bute

Performing at: The Soldier Field south lot, through April 30.

Background: Globally known as “the best show ever,” Cavalia’s Odysseo features 65 horses and 48 performers accompanied by live orchestral music. In the midst of the show’s first run in the Midwest, expect to see acrobats, aerialists, dancers, musicians and riders come together to display the talent of these remarkable horses.

What stood out: The show creates incredible special effects using gigantic video screens and props such as a three-story mountain, a carousel and an actual lake of water. While it is enjoyable to see the horses perform tricks they’ve rehearsed for years, the choreography and acrobatics are what really amaze. The fun the performers appear to be having make everyone else feel like moving around too.

Final thoughts: With its outstanding production effects, audience members will ask themselves questions like, “Is that real?” and “Where did that performer even come from?” Odysseo is so much more than just a circus performance with horses; it provides a night for people of all ages to escape into a world of fantasy.