Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Chicago’s best burgers: Food blogger Kit Graham’s favorite spots for a fantastic burger in the city

At Au Cheval, you are given the option to add bacon and/or a fried egg on top. It’s everything you ever wanted from a burger.

Chicago’s signature dishes: The incredible burger creation and flank steak at Beef & Barley in Lakeview

No complaints if things get a little messy — after all, it’s built for taste, not construction. “What are you going to do?” asks...

The healthier revolution: A few of Chicago’s top grass-fed, hormone-free spots to feel better about your burger

While you certainly have the potential to make your dream burger, don’t be afraid to put your trust in one of their homespun favorites.

Good eats at State & Lake, Weather Mark and Burger Joint

Expect to hear your stomach growl during this spotlight on three Chicago restaurants

Chicago’s best burgers: Everyone loves a good burger. Here are some of the city’s top options

We took a survey of locals to find the best burger joints in the city, and then we got to dig in. All in the name of journalism By Trent...