Saturday 17 November 2018
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Category: Shop Around the Corner

Shop Around the Corner: Good Games offers old favorites, creative new games, and free space to meet and play

In addition to selling games, cards and hard-to-find expansion packs, Good Games is also a destination for gamers of all kinds to meet up...

Shop Around the Corner: Personalized to perfection, Monograms on Webster adds customized charm to everyday gifts

It’s hard not to be charmed by every detail of the space — one side is stocked with impossibly cute onesies, the other lined with...

Shop Around the Corner: Gather Home + Lifestyle offers trendy products to fit the world around you

Gather’s mission is to simply improve one’s way of living by selling homemade and crafty products to utilize in everyday life.

Shop Around the Corner: Rotofugi is an eclectic blend of Japanese pop culture and American toy store

With sculptures of bobble-headed medieval doctors and an eclectic wall of day-glow cartoon characters, the absurdity of the art matches the...

Shop Around the Corner: Story time, hand-written recommendations, and book clubs — the quaint Roscoe Books has it all

Little notes (or rather, recommendations) scatter the tables and shelves of titles and tomes, providing a personal connection between...

Shop Around the Corner: Lincoln Park’s Margaret O’Leary mixes contemporary, relaxed California style with subtle Irish flare

From the age of three, O'Leary learned to knit at her mother's knee and aspired to use her talents to create for herself and friends.

Shop Around the Corner: Roscoe Village’s Fixture feels like a sensory overload for design — and community

Walking into Fixture is kind of like a sensory overload for design.

Shop Around the Corner: Affordable vintage-inspired gifts at Bucktown’s Vintage Charm

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a gift for a friend, Vintage Charm provides affordable items that can bring a feeling of...

Shop Around the Corner: The Colette Collection brings “on-trend” boutique styles to Lakeview

“I hand-pick every item,” says Rubbleke. “When I opened the store, I wanted to have a small assortment of on-trend styles. We only...

Shop Around the Corner: Logan Square’s Wolfbait & B-Girls offers a charming collection of local jewelry, clothing and accessories

The hodge-podge approach of this store is so charming, you may never want to leave.