Monday 28 May 2018
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Category: First Look - Reviews

First Look review: “Extreme Ice” at the Museum of Science and Industry combines art with science to create an interactive learning experience

Extreme Ice presents an important and current topic of discussion in an easy, engaging manner based not only in science, but also in art.

First Look review: “Eternal Youth” at the Museum of Contemporary Art gives a provocative perspective on pop culture

(The exhibit uses) films that hyperbolize the fast-paced, look-obsessed and peer-influenced world of teenagers into an almost maddening...

First Look review: “Specimens: Unlocking the Secrets of Life” exhibit at the Field Museum

With more than 30 million specimens and objects, visitors get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the discoveries made by...

First Look review: Second City’s “Legendary Laughs” uses imaginative audience participation to create a hilarious night out

Legendary Laughs is an eclectic assortment of Second City improvisation and sketch comedy that assaults the audience with raw laughs and...

First Look review: Green Day-inspired punk rock opera “American Idiot” provides an eye-opening experience of political unrest

With plenty of middle fingers, sex and sense of rebellion, American Idiot shows society what punk rock is really all about.

First Look review: Reinventing the traditional mime performance, “The Best of Bri-Ko” is a rollicking good time

Despite the lack of dialogue, the characters in The Best of Bri-ko develop personalities that are as sympathetic as they are funny.

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “Monster” is an emotional performance that tackles the perceptions of African Americans in the judicial system

Kryi’s character is a terrified teenager who exhibits both an everyday bravery and a confused innocence.

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “Straight White Men” is fun, full of heart, and uncomfortably thought provoking

The strength of the ensemble made this show incredibly compelling to watch. From the beginning, I felt drawn in to go along for the ride.

First Look review: Second City’s memorable new “Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno” takes accurate aim at the differences in us all

Sporting matching oversized plaid jackets, the brothers spouted off a cornucopia of birth control options they are hawking — some legit...

First Look review: The return of Second City’s “Holidazed and Confused” is a romping good way to poke fun at the holiday season

Flashbacks to classic Christmas movies being re-made in 2016 (Macaulay Culkin’s mom calls him on his cell phone and sends an Uber to the...