Thursday 25 May 2017
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Category: First Look - Reviews

First Look review: Jack O’Brien’s The Sound of Music is a fresh, charming version of the well-loved musical

Kerstin Anderson plays Maria with a little of the wide-eyed innocence the character is known for, but more intuitive, hipper, dreamier and...

First Look review: Watch good Midwestern people fall under the spell of influence and power in The Goodman Theatre’s “Soups, Stews, and Casseroles: 1976”

Through Kim — and the wonderful performance by Cliff Chamberlain — the audience is thrown right into the big questions. It’s more...

First Look review: “Chicago the Musical” hits all the right notes, brims with sex appeal

For fans of "Chicago," this production hits all the right notes. For the uninitiated, what a perfect introduction.

First Look review: Set in the ’60s, Shattered Globe’s racially charged “In the Heat of the Night” remains relevant

The Shattered Globe Theatre and writer Matt Pelfrey did a beautiful job adapting the novel’s vision into a script that still carries...

First Look review: “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” at the Art Institute is a touching tribute to a beloved artist’s search for home

What I loved about this exhibit is that it is so surprising, playful and tactile. ... never have I been so moved by an exhibit.

First Look review: The lively, colorful production of “42nd Street” brings much-needed spring flair to the Cadillac Palace Theatre

The show is a celebration of the pure appreciation of talent and youth: cheery, charming, bright and sometimes even self-deprecating

First Look review: “Vamp” combines BYOB, music and improv for late-night comedic relief

It’s pretty terrifying to trust comedians with your phone, but the cast of Vamp made it hilarious

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “The Flick” succeeds with quiet introspection and questions raised in relationship to film, art and life

The Flick makes you and its characters openly question the blurring of life and the movies.

First Look review: Marc Salem’s “Mind Over Chicago” is the psychology, cold readings and nonverbal communication behind the magic

A frenetic energy pulses through the audience when Salem selects his next victim, which could be enriching to some viewers but...

First Look review: Second City’s clever, quick-moving “Fast, Loud and Funny” boasts wide-ranging talent

This show benefits from a good mix of comedians — some are great at goofy, others play the perfect straight man.