Thursday 25 May 2017
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Category: First Look - Reviews

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “Straight White Men” is fun, full of heart, and uncomfortably thought provoking

The strength of the ensemble made this show incredibly compelling to watch. From the beginning, I felt drawn in to go along for the ride.

First Look review: Second City’s memorable new “Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno” takes accurate aim at the differences in us all

Sporting matching oversized plaid jackets, the brothers spouted off a cornucopia of birth control options they are hawking — some legit...

First Look review: The return of Second City’s “Holidazed and Confused” is a romping good way to poke fun at the holiday season

Flashbacks to classic Christmas movies being re-made in 2016 (Macaulay Culkin’s mom calls him on his cell phone and sends an Uber to the...

First Look review: Greenhouse Theater’s “Uncle Phillip’s Coat” is a brilliant one-man show that explores family, right of passage and what defines you as a person

Gene Weygandt masterfully creates three uniquely separate characters who are drawn together by their similarities to create an end product...

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “The Fundamentals” provides a relatable look at the issues that come with moving up in the world

The Fundamentals successfully portrays the ups and downs of the hotel industry through the satirical use of fundamental building blocks.

First Look review: Steep Theatre’s “Bobbie Clearly” delivers a raw and unapologetic look of what makes us human

The pacing and intricate care given to character development are the pillars that allow this show to shine.

First Look review: Amusing and educational, The Windy City Music Theatre’s “Seussical the Musical” will have your little ones singing for days

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the show is the on-stage “kid’s section” seating, where children get to interact with cast...

First Look review: “Thrones! The Musical Parody” is strikingly original and laugh-out-loud funny

Upon finding out their friend has never seen the show, they take it upon themselves to act out the “Cliff’s Notes” version to help...

First Look review: Second City’s “Unelectable You” is a rollicking, tongue-in-cheek mockery of the 2016 election

I really liked the oddly charming back and forth in a skit between the candidates’ spouses, as well as a bit on Donald Trump fighting his...

First Look review: Disney’s “Newsies” is a stirring, high-energy performance

The dancing is the selling point of the show, as a ridiculously talented young male ensemble shows off its best moves to killer...