Monday 25 March 2019
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Category: First Look - Reviews

First Look review: The Griffin Theatre Company’s “Letters Home” is a brilliantly harrowing story of struggle, triumph and loss

What is being performed feels genuine because artificial relationships are replaced with distilled artifacts of war in the form of...

First Look review: “Dress Codes” is an exquisite range of photographs exploring dress and identity at the Art Institute

For anyone interested in the ways identity and expression can manifest in the photographic form, or simply anyone drawn to striking...

First Look review: Paul Heyer’s multi-sensory exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art invites us into a fantastical existence

Heyer beckons us to reimagine the world around us as a place of infinite possibilities.

First Look review: The Field Museum’s “Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact” analyzes four different ancient civilizations

First Look review: The Field Museum's "Ancient Mediterranean Cultures in Contact" analyzes four different ancient civilizations

First Look review: The Goodman’s “Yasmina’s Necklace” is a heartwarming love story told through a unique lens

Yasmina’s Necklace is speckled with honest, family moments while having the ability to tackle serious themes such as racism, culture...

First Look review: Stephen Hanthorn’s “The Best Magic Show” combines magic and improv for a fun Friday night out

Whether you are fan of classic card tricks or magic based on reasoning, The Best Magic Show has a little something for everyone.

First Look review: Second City’s “She the People” is a reassuringly funny discussion about sexism and the world of women

This final sketch summed up the tone of She the People perfectly, recognizing the sexism that is rampant but defeating it with the honest...

First Look review: Greenhouse Theater Center’s bold “Machinal” provides a feminist perspective on traditional marriage

Both powerful and disturbing, Machinal is all about resisting the stereotypical gender role of obedient and defenseless women.

First Look review: Black Button Eyes Productions’ “Shockheaded Peter” is a delightfully devilish production

I was blown away. The music, the performance, the dancing and the humor were all wildly entertaining, but I was most impressed because I...

First Look review: Cirque Du Soleil brings “Luzia,” a vibrant story of water and light, to Chicago through Sept. 3

Luzia will be the first circus show to have actual water stored under the tent, allowing for bouts of pouring rain on stage as acrobats fly...