Monday 25 March 2019
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Category: First Look - Reviews

First Look review: “Noises Off” at the Windy City Playhouse is a wonderfully self-aware farce of a farce, brought to life by a talented ensemble

Normally, there are one or two actors who jump out to me, but I found it so hard to isolate a specific performance. It was like the force...

First Look review: Chicago Detours’ Holiday Tour of Drinks, Daleys and Dead Guys is an educational, entertaining approach to exploring the city

No matter where or what we were doing, the guide was always teaching us some obscure piece of Chicago holiday trivia, like how the city...

First Look review: “The Woman in Black” is not only captivating, but also a truly masterful — and terrifying — work of theatre

One of my favorite shows I have seen in the theatre in the last few years, The Woman in Black is full of laughs, scares and a handful of...

First Look review: The Joffrey Ballet’s “Swan Lake” is a physical and aesthetic spectacle primed for ballet lovers — as well as first-timers

The leads were performing moves of extreme athletic intensity with the fluidity and precision of moving illustrations. ... It was truly...

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “Downstate” is a thought-provoking story that challenges one of society’s most unwavering preconceptions

Steppenwolf's "Downstate" does an excellent job of balancing perspectives and challenging preconceptions. ... It invites the audience to...

First Look review: “Southern Gothic” is a uniquely interactive theatrical experience at the Windy City Playhouse

This was by far the most unique and one of the coolest experiences I have ever been a part of. This entire show is essentially...

First Look review: Chicago History Museum’s new exhibit, “Amplified: Chicago Blues,” highlights the city’s influence on the 1950s-60s movement

First Look review: The Chicago History Museum's new exhibit, "Amplified: Chicago Blues," highlights the city's influence on the blues’...

First Look review: The Goodman’s “Support Group for Men” is comedic therapy for navigating through what it means to be a man in today’s America

The characters are written to be so well-rounded and fleshed out, it sets up for a wonderfully enjoyable comedic backdrop for the show.

First Look review: Steppenwolf’s “Columbinus” brilliantly uses a mix of storytelling and recreation to document our troubled history of school shootings

In a terrifyingly realistic setup, the audience feels like they at the scene of the shooting — anyone might be the next victim.

First Look review: The Steep Theatre’s “Birdland” is an intensely captivating exploration of the pitfalls of fame

Birdland's exploration of the psychological impact and pain resulting from a barrier-free life is original and highly nuanced.